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We found your hot water & it has new friends. A heate towel rack & a cozy apartment. Woodstock – searching for brand. Ambassadors In the context of the 18th Przystanek Woodstock, the organizers wante to increase the reach of information about. The event in social meia, as well as the involvement of the event participants themselves. That is why, with the help of Internet. They capture all mentions of the stop in social meia, reacte to them , and selecte a dozen or so people from all the people, whom Jurek Owsiak personally invite, through a personalize vide. To the backstage of the event. As a result of the campaign, Przystanek was visite by a record number. Of participants and the intensity of discussions about it online increase significantly.

Which took place in social media

How 21 tons of food were collecte with Internet monitoring and the Guinness record was broken The Ceneo brand involve Poles in the Record bowl whatsapp mobile number list campaign, during which over 21 tons of food for dogs staying in shelters were collecte in 30 days and thus the Guinness World Record was broken! A total of 1,920 entries were made about the campaign, most of, dominate by Facebook (1,175 entries), Twitter (445 tweets) and Instagram (197 photos). The scale of the action record Internet monitoring helpe here in two ways.

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On the one hand, the name of create for its nees – rekordamiska – were monitore. Thanks to this, no entry from people and the Ceneo brand could DEB Directory easily enter into a dialogue with them and thank them. thanks for helping the dogs with us! <3 ecord Bowl — CeneoPL (CeneoPL) June 27, 2016 On the other hand, keywords such as dog, pets, dogs, help, help, guinness record, shelters, shelter, shelters were also monitore.

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