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How to Do a SWOT Analysis

The following are the steps for carrying out the SWOT analysis technique:

1. Create a work team
In carrying out an effective SWOT analysis method, several parties are involved in the business itself. Analysis cannot be done by one person because the results will not be effective.

It is better to form a team that comes from different educational backgrounds so that the perspectives and points of view of thinking are not monotonous.

The more diverse the backgrounds of the planning team, the more detailed the search for matters related to the four elements of the SWOT analysis will be.

 Create a SWOT analysis diagram

The next step is to map the SWOT elements phone number list  through a diagram so that it can be seen clearly what factors are hindering or supporting the business. The diagram can be made like the example below:

template swot

Image: Lab Templates

3. Create a SWOT question
After knowing the factors, all you have to do is prepare SWOT questions that are tailored to your business.

You then have to answer these questions and must answer the inhibiting and supporting factors in the previous diagram.

The following is a list of questions that you should be able to answer to analyze your business:

What factors make competitors superior to your business?

phone number list

What are the advantages of competitors that are not in accordance with your business principles?
Can your unique business meet the needs of your ideal customer?
Opportunities _

What opportunities can be grabbed at this time?
Does the current development trend suit DEB Directory your business? If so, great. But if not, maybe you need to increase brand awareness or improvise so that your brand becomes the pioneer of a trend (becomes a trendsetter ).
Threats (threats)

What do competitors think?
What obstacles are likely to hinder your business?
Are there government regulations that will slow down business development?

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